As many pokies enthusiasts already know, there are two main types of online pokies – classic pokies and video pokies. The main difference between these games are: firstly, classic pokies have three reels while video pokies have five reels; and secondly, classic pokies have one payline while video pokies can have up to 25 paylines. The good news is that regardless of their major differences, both classic online pokies and video pokies provide for quite an entertaining experience and give you chances to win some major prizes. Both types of games feature bonus symbols and game which increase your chances of winning, so all you have to do to win is create a real money account at a trusted online casino of your choice and play.

One popular online pokies game, appropriately titled Cash Crazy, is a great option for both beginners and experienced players to feel the thrill of playing slots games. The Cash Crazy slot has three reels and only one payline, but that doesn’t mean that the game’s simplified features take away from the gaming experience. You are guaranteed to have as much fun as with any other pokies game out there, and the prizes you can win are beyond exciting.

The Cash Crazy slots game has a wild, multiplier symbol which can make it even easier to walk away richer. A Wild symbol in any slots game – be it classic or video — is a versatile icon and it can take the place of nearly any other symbol to complete a winning combination on a payline. The only symbols that the wild icon cannot replace are the scatter symbol (if the game is a video pokies game) or the bonus symbols.

The wild symbol in the Cash Crazy pokies game is the Crazy Professor symbol. As we mentioned above, aside from being a wild symbol, the Crazy Professor is also a multiplier symbol. If your spin results in a winning combination with one Crazy Professor icon, then your winnings from that combination will be doubled. Two Crazy Professors on a payline will quadruple your earnings.

There is one very important thing to keep in mind though. If you make a deposit, spin the reels and score three Crazy Professors on your payline, your winnings will not be multiplied. But the earnings you will get are still as generous. If you bet one coin per spin, a Crazy Professor winning combination will reward you with 800 coins. If you bet two coins per spin – your payout will be 1,600 coins – the maximum of the game.

Here is how the rest of the symbols in this online pokies game pay out. Three Green Seven symbols will reward you with either 100 or 200 coins, depending on your coin bet. Three 3-Bar symbols give out either 50 or 100 coins; three 2-Bar symbols – 25 or 50 coins; three Cherry icons – 20 or 40 coins; three 1-Bar symbols – 10 or 20 coins; two Cherry symbols — five or 10 coins; any three Bar symbols – three or six coins; and one Cherry symbol – two or four coins.

By Tommy