Having the personal computer being hacked is a seriously disturbing situation. Some online poker players worry about such an event while they are playing online poker.

One of the most challenging and never-gets-boring forms of entertainment is online poker. A poker player can do this at the comfort of one’s home. The poker player can stay as anonymous as possible. And the poker player can become famous (perhaps feared?) by other online poker players. But the poker player cannot help but worry that perhaps, as he is playing online poker, his information is being hacked into. That is, someone may know the poker player’s cards while he is playing poker. And this is why he keeps on losing.

Most online casinos have secure connections. Information about the poker player, such as the cards that he is currently playing, will be extremely difficult to obtain. With the speed of the poker game, hacking is almost impossible. But such a belief that the poker player’s records are being hacked happens due to one specific feature of an online poker game. The winning and losing statistics of a poker player is presented in a clear and unforgiving manner. That is, the poker player actually knows how much he has won or lost.

In land-based casinos, the average poker player will have no idea about how much, exactly, has he won or lost. That is, a poker player may have lost $30 in five previous hands (a total of $150) and may have won $100 in the current hand. Such a situation can led a poker player to the belief that he is winning at last. But the truth is that he has not recovered yet from his losses. In online casinos, such a thing does not happen. A poker player will have his bankroll bookkeeping done online. One sees the exact amount of losses and wins. And such leads to the idea that the poker player’s records are being hacked. His cards are seen by someone else, and this is why he never wins any hand.

Online casinos earn a lot of money from the gaming business. Thus, online casinos do not want to jeopardize or endanger their earnings by allowing hackers into their system. Such will be suicide for the online casinos. Still, if the poker player suspects that his computer is being hacked and the cards are known beforehand, he must install a firewall. Anyone who connects to the Internet using DSL or cable connection must have a firewall. This firewall must be configured in such a way that when the Internet connection is lost and the online casino attempts to reconnect, the firewall will not block the process. With a properly configured firewall, a poker player will no longer worry about hacking.

By Tommy