The software at the Bovada Casino is free to download for everyone. You can download this lucky casino platform to play for fun money or real money. After downloading and creating an account you will have two options when you sign into the software, Play For Fun & Real Money. There is no pressure to play for real money at Bovada.

I like to play at the fun tables for a while when I sign up at a new online casino. This enables me to check out their software and game variety. The Bovada Casino features over 200 games so I doubt you’ll know how to play even 25% of them. I love playing their casino pai gow. Playing for fun money will give you experience at some of their unique games without you having to risk any money. Their Crazy Blackjack game for example is one of my favorite games there but I learned how to play without risking any money.

Our Bovada Casino download comes with an exclusive first deposit bonus. You certainly do not need to make a deposit but so long as you use the download link on this page you will receive the best Bovada Casino download bonus in 2013, if/when you decide to play for real money. For more info read our 2013 Bovada Casino review and find out why this is one of the luckiest casinos online.

Downloading The Free Bovada Casino Software

The first step is obviously clicking on one of our Bovada Casino download links. This will take you directly to their download option. The software offers 200-300% more games than the average online casino but it downloads quickly. So even if you have a slow connection such as dial-up the download will be quite quick. After downloading Bovada you will come to the signup screen. They do not ask for banking/credit card information since this info is not needed for play money players.

All they need is some general information such as name, email address, age…ect. You will never receive any unwanted emails or phone calls from Bovada. After creating your account you will have two options:

  • Play Money
  • Real Money

If you decide to play for real money additional info will be needed. Bovada is a part of one of the most trusted and oldest online gambling companies so you won’t have to worry about giving your personal information to them. This company has been one of the leading online gambling institutions since the 1990’s and are publicly traded just like any other serious company.

By Tommy