Ok, I know you’ve read all about so-called “online gambling winning” systems before and very few (if any) will make a profit long term. And the reason why? Because the Bookmakers have the odds stacked against you and long term its the bookmakers that win and not the online gamblers. But as the old saying goes….

“If you can’t beat them, gamble with them!”

About Online Gambling

I’ve been online gambling for 11 years and have spent a great deal of my spare time searching for that elusive “winning” system. I’ve bet on horses, dogs, football, rugby, irish lottery, online casino, favourites, top jockeys, etc, etc. You name it and i’ve tried a method of winning long term and been unsuccessful. Until now..

Is gambling online addictive?

The most exciting development within the betting industry is the introduction of Betting Exchanges, the largest being BetFair. You no longer have to bet against a bookmaker, you can now bet with other punters or BE the bookmaker. You can now Back in the normal way and LAY a bet if you want to. When you’ve got access to BOTH sides of the betting market it opens a whole new range of opportunities. Try comparing BetFair odds With any of those big name bookmakers on the right and you will find BetFair will come out on top every single time.

By Tommy