This is a man who knows not only how to play poker but has mastered the game. He is Romanian-Canadian and has achieved the priceless honor of have four World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tour titles. Daniel Negreanu – known as “Kid Poker” is a man who played so well that he was awarded the Player of the Year in 2004.

While he is now known and praised about the poker community, he was not always the spectacular player that we know him as today. His poker career began in 1997 in which he started out with wins at events in smaller proportions that the million dollar prestigious events. With two mediocre wins at the World Poker finals of around $55,000 dollars he was named as the best all around player. This shows that while you do not have to be the master you can reach great achievements early on within his poker career.

As his skill level progressed over the next months he finally became a true contender amongst the poker community and in 1998 he became the youngest player to ever win a WSOP (World Series of Poker) bracelet. This was just the beginning of a career in poker for Daniel. He was offered a position of “Poker Ambassador” at one of the well renowned resort in Vegas known as the Wynn. He was granted full access to any level or price range that he wanted to participate in at their casino.

While his achievements kept growing throughout the years picking up multiple other WSOP bracelets and huge wins amongst prestigious games around the world, he finally opted to open his own online poker location. It was known as “Full Contact Prestigious” and was complete with a personal blog ran by Daniel himself and a variety of poker forums offering everything from playing tables, playing tips, and overall a community that joined the poker lovers of the world under one roof.

Where does a man who has conquered the world go next you wonder?  Once 2007 rolled around, Daniel finally decided to sign with PokerStars. This is a group of players that are considered the best of the best amongst the community. Other fellow poker players that joined him in the PokerStars Team included: Chris Moneymaker, Joe Hachem, and Greg Raymer to name a few. Finally the well awaited book was released in 2008 named Power Hold’em Strategy. It helped provide knowledge to those who were from amateur level to professional as it took a trip through the mind and styles of this poker player that could create magic at any table.

Poker became his life and finally turned a dream into reality. He will forever be in the Texas Hold’em circuit and regarded highly amongst the other professionals that are known throughout the world. He was transformed from a beginning player, like a cocooned butterfly, and finally emerged and spread his wings taking the poker world by surprise.

By Tommy