Full Tilt Poker is an online cash gaming site that provides pleasure to all poker lovers of all skill levels. It is one of the fastest growing poker playing sites in the world. Full Tilt comes complete with widgets to personalize your gaming experience, tournaments, sit and go options and also continuous tables that run at all buy in levels. One of the opportunities that Full Tilt has to offer is chat sessions with poker professionals that have size on with Full Tilt which includes Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey, Jennifer Harman, Chris Ferguson and all the other Full Tilt Poker pros.

To make sure that all varieties of players from the poker world can find a game that fits their style Full Tilt offers Texas Hold ‘em , Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi/Lo, Razz, Stud Hi, and Stud Hi/Lo. To complement these poker game options the game types that are also offered for every poker style are ante games, which are your typical table games, re-buy tournaments, which allow you to buy back into a tournament after being eliminated, and cap games, which allows for a preset cap to eliminate the risk of high betting quick loss games.

Standard tournament options are matrix tournaments, shootout tournaments, and knockout bounty. A matrix tournament is a typical multi-table tournament that is designed to be played with 4 sit and go’s , with a total of nine players all combined to result in a single tournament. Shootout tournaments are typically played with a table of nine players which all begin with a set number of chips. The last man standing wins a set amount that is disclosed prior to the tournament beginning.

Finally we have the knockout bounty style which takes the buy-in of each player and places a bounty on the head of each player. The goal is always to knock out other players and obtain money right? Well, now you get a bonus for knocking out other players which is being referred to as a bounty.

Now that we have discussed all the gaming options available at Full Tilt Poker, it is also good to know that they support the growth of newer amateur players. They have hand information readily available which will show the ranking system of hands to help you learn how high up the totem pole your hand really is. This will teach you what type of hands beat other types of hands. Also, while everything has its own little language they provide you with a glossary that will help you learn quickly to speak the poker language and understand the objectives of the site and the games.

By Tommy